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People have different preferences when it comes to their favorite subjects. Math is not an ideal subject for most of us. Why? It is because math is considered one of the hardest subjects, and it is not fun to solve mathematical problems. It’s a good thing that there are a lot of cool math games available on the internet. Because of that, many find it more fun doing these games rather than solving problems given by teachers and those on textbooks. Moreover, cool math games can bring out all the capabilities of a kid or an adult when it comes to problem-solving. They try to find ways or techniques on how to get out of one game easily or at the fastest time possible.

In this article, we will discuss some of the sites where we can find the most challenging and coolest math games that everyone can play.

Cool Math Games to Play for Kids and Adults

Coolmath Games

Coolmath Game is a free mini-games and training app where logic and thinking meet fun and logic. It got a lot of challenges that help train your brain. Moreover, it showcases hundreds of your favorite math, physics, logic, thinking, and strategy games made for everyone. It helps not only in training your mental, logic, and strategic abilities but also in entertaining the brain. With this, math becomes enjoyable even for people who thought that it was very boring.


  • Custom themes and avatars
  • Unlimited playlists
  • Custom username
  • Illustrate concepts using casual, conversational language
  • Help kids practice a new number of skills
  • Teach kids basic math concepts and application
  • Games designed to help bring out the fun in math
  • Teach most basic math concepts
  • Tricks for teachers to get kids motivated in the classroom
  • Educational
  • Help improve critical thinking skills
  • Hundreds of free favorite math, logic, thinking, and strategy mini-games
  • Free educational games
  • No violence, empty action, or inappropriate language
  • Wide range of fun logic and strategy puzzles and mini-games
  • Fun physics
  • Path planning
  • Quick reaction
  • Drawing

Featured Cool Math Games

  1. Puzlogic Plus
  2. Mathventure
  3. Swap Sums
  4. Calculate This!
  5. Make 24

Navigation Sections

Strategy and Logic

This navigation section contains fun games that students can play. Moreover, the games under this section focus on testing the logic and problem-solving skills of students.


This section is almost the same as the strategy section. It just requires less critical thinking and more gaming skills. Moreover, it doesn’t require math skills to achieve results.


This section has mathematical problems in it.


Some contents of this section are educational and help students with their understanding of geography.


This section shows more categories: Classic, Puzzle, Memory, Geography, Science, and HTML 5.


This section includes different games depending on their types.


In this section, the games will be randomly selected for the player. Also, it shows a list of “Cool Math Top Picks” that may pique your interest.


This section contains a variety of games that can be unblocked if a player is a subscriber. The additional games can be unlocked by paying for a subscription that can also be canceled anytime.

All games A-Z

This section allows the player to browse and look for the varieties of games that Cool Math Games has. The games are arranged alphabetically, and there are a lot of games to choose from.


15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (1)

This is the most trusted source of free and wide-ranging online math games and printable worksheets to test the mastery of students of numerous math skills. Also, it makes learning math fun and exciting. It offers adaptive-learning resources that help students to learn better. This is because they can practice new skills by playing, and they can do it repeatedly. Moreover, it offers a powerful product that is simple to use and offers a highly detailed understanding of the progress of every student.

The games can be done both in school and at home. Furthermore, students can get the extra practice that they need for specific skills and topics where they need improvement. Also, parents and teachers can create custom assignments that can help them assess particular math skills. Activities are also customized so students can work on them according to their grade levels. The free online games not only help students to practice but also let them learn new skills with fun.


  • Games can be downloaded as apps on mobile phones or tablets
  • Teachers and parents can track and analyze the player’s progress to assess where they need support
  • Games can be played on all browsers and devices
  • Games are free to play
  • Student can log in and save their progress no matter where they are playing
  • It offers a digital textbook that students can use to practice the same questions and skills at their preferred pace
  • Math games are fully aligned with the Common Core Standards for mathematical practice
  • Create your custom worksheets
  • Practice math by skill
  • Set up instantly using Google Classroom, Edmodo, Remind, or Office 365
  • Practice math by grade
  • Practice math games
  • Create detailed assignments, lesson plans, and exit tickets
  • Detailed reporting is available for teachers and school admins
  • No need to download the games
  • Create printable worksheets for offline practice
  • Scratchpads to help students solve problems
  • Trusted and used by over five million students in homes and classrooms
  • Pupils can be assigned specific math skills for them to practice and work hard
  • Automatically grade every exercise completed using the games or digital textbooks
  • Send progress reports on students’ results to teachers and parents for them to monitor the areas of weakness and strength of students

Featured Cool Math Games

  1. Math Slither
  2. Mathimals
  3. Number Worms
  4. Math Invasion
  5. King of Math


15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (2)

This website provides educational games, videos, and activities for school-aged children. The games on this website are organized by grade levels from pre-K to sixth grade and by subject categories including letters, numbers, holiday games, strategy, skills, and more. Also, there are specific topics that cover basic typing activities, creating word clouds, grammar games, multiplication, parts of speech, pattern recognition, and many more. Most of the games are very simple, and the interface is colorful that helps catch kid’s attention to learn. Some games need the teachers to help to read the instructions for some kids.

However, some are easy to understand that even the youngest kids can get around the site and play the games on their own. Moreover, ABCya! organizes multiplayer games that help its learners to keep their brains sharp. Also, it helps them to challenge themselves and cooperate with friends with a healthy and friendly competition.

Additionally, ABCya! games are kidSAFE Seal Program certified, and many of the games that it offers meet the standards associated with the Common Core State Standards Initiative.


  • Play all regular games on desktop
  • Access to ABCya! Videos
  • Mobile access to ABCya! (six games per week)
  • Save three games
  • 250+ games and activities
  • Fresh content added monthly
  • Browse by grade level
  • Content organized by skill

Additional Features (Premium Family Plan)

  • Save favorite games
  • Limit access to certain game categories
  • Set a timer for the amount of time spent
  • Complete mobile access
  • Ad-free experience
  • Save unlimited games
  • Play games in full-screen size
  • Control game category access

Featured Cool Math Games

  1. Feed Me Fractions
  2. Dungeon Dash
  3. Christmas Lights Math
  4. Adventure Man and the Counting Quest
  5. Bow and Angle


CrazyGames is an extremely powerful gaming platform that features the best free online games. Here, users can play free fun games and gain money through advertisem*nts. Also, there’s no need to download and install all its games. This is because they can be played directly in the browser. Moreover, users can use any device, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets to play all its feature games. Besides, users can play by themselves, with a friend, or with other people all over the world. These are possible with its single-player mode, two-player mode, and multiplayer mode.

This platform offers a massive range of high-quality games. It categorizes its games into different options including action, shooting, driving, dress-up, clicker, and cooking games. Everyone can choose and easily find their favorite games just by typing into the search box or by exploring the categories. A team of gamers created CrazyGames, and every day, they add new games with some new features and tools to provide a complete and more engaging game experience to users.


  • Addictive games setting
  • Daily updates
  • Explore more than 30 categories
  • Support multiple languages
  • Free for everyone
  • 7000 games in all genres
  • Upload, manage and monetize your games

Featured Cool Math Games

  1. Slither.io
  2. Worms Zone
  3. Fireboy & Watergirl Elements
  4. BigFarm
  5. Super Buddy Kick


15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (3)

MathPlayground has an extensive collection of math and thinking games, pattern blocks, step-by-step instructional videos and modeling tools, challenging logic puzzles, engaging math games, computation practice, and a variety of problem-solving activities. It has a wide variety of math topics such as arithmetic, geometry, percentages, word problems, algebra, graphing, and even logic. Also, it offers a wide variety of visual math resources that can help teachers to demonstrate math concepts in a fun and engaging way. Moreover, it is a safe place for kids to learn and eliminate math stress and even develop self-confidence.


  • Games align to a wide variety of standards from the Common Core section
  • Contains worksheets, drills, and instructional videos
  • Most contents are solid
  • Highly visual, hands-on activities
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Contains funny images
  • Contains addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division games
  • Distraction-free learning zone
  • Games that can be projected on the whiteboard
  • Save your favorite games
  • Create game lists and share with students

Sections Of Game Categories

  1. Thinking Blocks
  2. Addition and Subtraction
  3. Logic Games and Puzzles
  4. Multiplication and Division
  5. Fractions, Decimals, and Percent
  6. All Four Operations
  7. Counting and Time
  8. Money and General Math Knowledge
  9. Geometry
  10. Ratios, Integers, and Number Puzzles
  11. Math in the Real World
  12. Spelling, Grammar, and Geography
  13. Super Terrific Fun Games

Featured Cool Math Games

  1. Factor Pair Up
  2. Dino Park Division
  3. Monster Mischief
  4. Galaxy Pals 20
  5. Puzzle Pics Clocks

Math Game Time

15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (4)

Math Game Time is your destination for the best free interactive math games, worksheets, homework help, and video tutorials for teachers, parents, and children online. These features are helpful for students from pre-kindergarten through 7th grade. Also, the games are fun, educational, and trustworthy and even categorized by subject and grade level. With that, it becomes beneficial to students to excel in math.

Educators created this website to help kids succeed. Moreover, they cooperated with top teachers to make sure that all the resources given to the students are age-appropriate, relevant, and very educational. They intend to promote education, imagination, and literacy to students while they are having fun.


  • Original content
  • Drills for math computation
  • Many choices of games and skills
  • High-quality math games for pre-K through grade 7
  • Educational resources that are age-appropriate, relevant, and educational
  • Math resources curated by educators
  • An educational destination for students in pre-K through 7th grade.
  • Lessons on topics ranging from addition to multiplication to ratios
  • Valuable homework help
  • Educational videos covering a variety of math topics
  • A safe and trustworthy environment

Featured Cool Math Games

  1. Santa’s Sleigh
  2. Count the Sheep
  3. Bus Driver’s Math
  4. Whack an Answer
  5. Make 15


15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (5)

Funbrain is an educational game site that offers a lot of fun and hundreds of free interactive learning games, books, videos, and printables that help kids in grades pre-K through grade 8 develop skills in math, reading, problem-solving, and literacy. Its games are categorized into Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Playground, Math Arcade, Fun Arcade, and Galactic Hot Dogs. Also, they created a unique homepage for students to easily find what suits them.

Furthermore, the site was KidSAFE certified and aligns with the Common Core State Standards. With that, parents and teachers can feel confident that children will enjoy their fun and safe learning experience. Besides, parents and teachers can be sure that there will be no interaction with other players. With that, conversations are limited and no possibility of unfavorable chatting.


  • Unique landing page
  • Games, books, and videos tagged with key subject areas and skills
  • The site pops with color and clickable features
  • Special Teacher’s section
  • Some games align with Common Core State Standards
  • Lots of varied activities for kids
  • There are online books to read.
  • For individual games, you can save your work through the use of passwords
  • Safe gaming environment that bridges learning and entertainment
  • KidSAFE certified

Featured Cool Math Games

  1. Math Baseball
  2. Apple Catch
  3. Shape Invasion
  4. Measure It!
  5. Rock the Boat

PBS Kids Games

15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (6)

PBS Kids Games is a collection of more than 100 educational games and activities with popular PBS Kids characters. The games are suitable for kids from early preschool to early elementary. All the games that it features will encourage students to explore math concepts and to learn while having fun.

Also, kids can choose games depending on their interests and abilities. This mini-game collection, which includes pattern and shape matching, racing, strategy, music, and more will not only entertain but also educate preschoolers. With that, parents will appreciate the kid-friendly content and the built-in educational message.

Furthermore, there are offline games that kids will surely enjoy wherever they are. With your guidance, kids will enjoy playing games based on their favorite characters. Also, you can choose particular skills for them to work on and improve, such as letters, numbers, and shapes.


  • Kid-friendly user experience for toddlers and children
  • Easily accessible by kids
  • Learning games from favorite PBS KIDS series
  • Save favorite games to a device
  • All the kids’ favorite PBS KIDS characters
  • Provides resources for parents resources
  • Ability to manage the amount of storage that the app uses on each device
  • Free learning games for kids 2-8 years old, anytime, anywhere.
  • Offers games that encourage learning science, math, creativity, and more
  • Play mazes, puzzles, dress-up, coloring, and more
  • Download related PBS KIDS apps

Featured Cool Math Games

  1. Fair Shares
  2. Monkey Jump
  3. Railway Hero
  4. Count with Allie
  5. Pan Balance


SplashLearn is the world’s first scientifically-designed, game-based platform that targets Common Core math content for pre-kindergarten to grade 5. It is a safe and child-friendly app that maintains a balance between learning and playing, ensuring that the kid will have the most engaging learning experiences all the way. Also, it offers colorful, interactive games that are more appealing to kids and make them pay attention and be more engaged in learning.

Moreover, it also offers a personalized reading learning experience as it covers everything from phonics to comprehension to help kids learn how to read.


  • Teachers can create an account and assign various concepts to students
  • Available on the web, App Store, and Play Store
  • Teachers can track student progress using a highly detailed reporting system.
  • Age-relevant themes
  • Fun animated characters
  • A vast library of content to practice, master and explore
  • Kid-friendly and safe interface
  • Exciting rewards and rich, narrative-driven app
  • Full content access
  • Insightful reports
  • Teacher-driven home practice
  • Proprietary adaptive algorithm
  • Aligned to the school curriculum
  • Comprehensive math curriculum aligned to Common Core
  • Hints and explanations
  • Fun rewards
  • Multiple themes
  • Engaging games and rewards
  • Offline access
  • Play on any device
  • Parent Connect App
  • Get a personalized learning path

Featured Cool Math Games

  1. Number Patterns
  2. Factors
  3. Multiples
  4. Write Expressions
  5. Evaluate Expressions

Hooda Math Games

15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (7)

Hooda Math Games is a free site for online math games. It offers more than 500 free math games that can be played online by students. Moreover, it provides a few easy, fun, and exciting ways for the kids to learn and master math. You will see several games listed on the homepage. The games are sorted by grade and by subject. It also includes escape and logic games, which are suitable for those who are looking for thrills in mathematics.

Most of the games conform to Common Core standards. Because of that, parents will be confident that the games align with the kid’s math course especially if they are at a public school. Hooda Math Games is accessible on any tablet browser or mobile device.


  • Six math games for FREE
  • Hooda Math Classics
  • Two new math games you won’t find online
  • Math games by grade
  • Games are under Common Core standard
  • E-mail reporting
  • Mobile device optimization

Featured Cool Math Games

  1. Backgammon
  2. Checkers
  3. Skater Math
  4. Addition Bubble Pop
  5. Dress Up Math

Get The Math

15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (8)

This website combines video and web connectivity to help middle and high school students build problem-solving skills and solve real-world problems with algebra. The video segments and interactive challenges show how professionals use math in music, fashion, video games, restaurants, basketball, and special effects. Viewers can take on interactive challenges in line with those professions by using interactive tools provided on the website. This makes math relevant and fun. Also, kids can do challenges in pairs.

Moreover, this site shows real people and shares stories of how businesses and people of different professions use algebra in their daily lives. The videos connect math to the real world and show that math is used in real life. Furthermore, they present everything in a relevant, hip, and fun way.


  • No login or saved data
  • Additional interactive challenges
  • Math in a music challenge
  • Follow-up challenges
  • Aligned to the 2010 Common Core math standards and worksheets
  • Provide sample assessment questions
  • Math in Videogamesvideo
  • Math in Videogameschallenge
  • Use real people in real-world examples

Video Segments and Interactive Challenges

  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Videogames
  • Restaurants
  • Basketball
  • Special effects


15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (9)

Sudoku.com has more than 10,000 different Sudoku puzzles that come in six difficulty levels, such as fast, easy, medium, hard, expert, and giant Sudoku. The easy levels help to exercise the brain and improve logical thinking and memory. However, to have an extreme workout for the brain, the medium and hard levels are recommended. Playing Sudoku will help people to relax or keep the mind active. It can also be a means of passing time. Moreover, Sudoku can bring a sense of calm and order, can help the brain to stay healthy, and can provide an escape. Besides, playing Sudoku is fun for all ages.


  • Complete the Sudoku Challenges to get trophies
  • Take part in Seasonal Events
  • Challenge oneself to figure out mistakes
  • Enable Auto-Check to see the mistakes
  • Highlight duplicates
  • Track your progress for each difficulty level
  • Unlimited Undo
  • Color themes
  • Auto-save
  • Eraser
  • More than 10,000 classic Sudoku puzzles for free
  • 9×9 grid
  • Six levels of difficulty
  • Support for both phones and tablets
  • Portrait and landscape mode for tablets
  • Simple and intuitive design

BBC Bitesize

15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (10)

This website is aimed at children of multiple learning levels. Suggested for kids 3-11 years old, the site lets you choose from a wide category of games. Bitesize can also help your child with their homework and makes learning fun for them. If you’re based in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, you can select the appropriate learning level for your child.

Aside from math games and homework helpers, you can also select other subjects for your kids. To do this, all you need to do is click on the level you want and select maths (or other subjects). Then, start a lesson for the week. This is also helpful if you want to conduct advanced lessons for your kids.


  • Homework helpers for your children
  • Learning experiences tailored to British students
  • A wide selection of learning tools for ages 3-11 (Primary)
  • Weekly & daily lesson plans

Math Games Catalog

  1. Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica
  2. Bud’s Number Garden

Primary Games

15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (11)

Primary Games offers interactive learning platforms such as videos and games for kids. Choose the learning level you want for your kids and pick from a variety of cool math games from their catalog. You can pick games for grades 1-8 to further improve your kids’ arithmetic skills. These games also have seasonal themes to make it more interesting for your children.


  • Learning videos and games
  • Some games have seasonal themes
  • Categorized catalog of games

Primary Games Math Catalog

  1. Easter Math Munchman
  2. Click Math: Autumn
  3. Winter Count
  4. Math Tiles
  5. CountIt


15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (12)

Arcademics is a website that allows you to help your child learn in interactive ways. You can select from different grade levels (1-6) and subjects. Select games that can help your kids with basic math skills and up to more advanced topics such as fractions.

Its games are built with HTML 5 and it also has an app that you can download for iOS or Android devices.

Arcademics Math Games

  1. Alien Addition
  2. Demolition Division
  3. Division Derby
  4. Drag Race Division
  5. Meteor Multiplication

Benefits of Playing Math Games

  1. Increase student engagement
  2. Enhance critical thinking skills
  3. Reinforce learning
  4. Develop social skills
  5. Provide opportunities to differentiate
  6. Build self-confidence
  7. Develop strategic learning
  8. Encourage mathematical reasoning
  9. Promote mathematical communication
  10. Promote a positive attitude towards math
  11. Encourage parent involvement
  12. Provide practical application of learned math skills
  13. Improve memory and concentration
  14. Create time for observation
  15. Provide an alternative way to review
  16. Encourage cooperative learning
  17. Support different learning styles
  18. Increase student engagement and motivation
  19. Build home-school connections
  20. Learning while having fun

Learn and Have Fun With Math Games

Many students are not fond of studying math because it is a difficult and boring subject. However, it’s one of the most important subjects especially for those who are going to take STEM strands. It is a good thing that there are a lot of sites that are offering math games.

This way, children will find learning math in an exciting and fun way. Parents, at the same time, will be able to participate in teaching their kids while having that time as a bonding experience, too. Many students will learn not only the basics of math but also how they are going to use their skills to improve and learn more. They will think of math not as a boring subject but a subject that can increase their motivation and confidence.

If you wanna check out other games that are fun yet challenging, why not check out our list of the best city-building games and the top sandbox games?Lastly, here an in-depth look at the best game download sites today.

15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (13)

15 Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games for Kids & Adults | Robots.net (2024)


What are the top 10 Coolmath Games? ›

Top 10 Games
  • Run 3. Run, skate and jump through a brand new galaxy! ...
  • Papa's Freezeria. Mix up a frozen concoction! ...
  • Chess. Play Chess against the computer or your friends! ...
  • Tiny Fishing. 20 new deep sea fishes have dropped! ...
  • Suika Watermelon Game. ...
  • Clicker Heroes. ...
  • Slice Master. ...
  • Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple.

How to play Coolmath Games unblocked? ›

Click and drag on a block to move it. Horizontal blocks can only move left or right while vertical blocks can only move up or down. Try to free the red block in as few moves as possible to earn the maximum amount of stars in the Unblocked game.

What is the best math game website? ›

Best Adaptive Math Games and Sites
  • DoodleMaths. Short, daily practice and positive language make success accessible. ...
  • Happy Numbers. Carefully scaffolded lessons build a strong math foundation. ...
  • Smartick. ...
  • Zearn. ...
  • JumpStart Academy Math. ...
  • Redbird Mathematics. ...
  • DreamBox Learning Math. ...
  • LearnBop.

Why were Coolmath Games blocked? ›

After years of its status as a beloved website, Cool Math Games has been blocked from Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) for not providing sufficient educational benefits for students.

Why did Coolmath shut down? ›

We've seen a crazy rumor flying around that Coolmath Games is shutting down, but don't worry: There's no truth to it. The concern seemed to be about Flash games, because Flash has no longer been supported since the end of 2020. However, we've been totally focused on HTML5 games for years now.

Does Coolmath have scary games? ›

Check out this list of our spookiest and scariest games. Full of ghosts, ghouls, vampires, zombies and other things that go bump in the night.

Why are Coolmath Games so laggy? ›

Ever been playing a game on Coolmath and seen it suddenly slow down or go to 1 frame per second? That's because Coolmath puts its power to the ads before its games. With this neat trick, you can completely remove the ads from the website entirely, making your game run much more smoothly.

How old is Coolmath? ›

Cool Math Games is operated by Coolmath LLC and first went online in 1997 with the slogan: "Where logic & thinking meets fun & games.".

Is Coolmath Games copyrighted? ›

All materials on this site, as well as the organization and layout of the site, (except for our licensed content such as the games at Coolmath-Games.com and Coolmath4Kids.com) are owned and copyrighted by Coolmath.com LLC and may be accessed or printed for your personal non-commercial use only.

Is math is fun legit? ›

Review: MathIsFun provides a great supplement to traditional lessons. Newcomers may be surprised to find so much content on this relatively small site. The teachers' area offers classroom suggestions and tips for helping struggling students.

What is the most funnest math game? ›

We have great whole class math games to enjoy:
  • Addition and Subtraction Bingo. To play this game, create bingo cards with the answers to simple addition and/or subtraction problems. ...
  • 101 Points. ...
  • Action Addition and Subtraction. ...
  • Math Twister. ...
  • Shape Scavenger Hunt. ...
  • Guess My Number. ...
  • Multiplication and Division Bingo. ...
  • Sign My Sheet.

Is moose math free? ›

Duck, Duck, Yeah!

Moose didn't disappoint with Moose Math. I am so thankful that they continue to make free educational apps for kids that are safe places for them to learn.

Is Coolmath A virus? ›

Coolmath is an old website filled with malware and spyware. Students previously used this website on the school equipment and it caused 70 laptops to crash. Equipment invested with viruses must be completely wiped and reformatted.

How do I unblock a game? ›

A VPN is a simple and reliable tool that hides your IP address and unblocks any censored games online. An IP address is similar to a postal address in that it identifies your computer or mobile devices and represents your virtual location online.

Is Coolmath Games actually math? ›

The site is also linked to a math games site (Coolmath Games) where some of the games could be used to teach strategy or practice concepts. However, many of the games aren't really math-focused -- they're described as "brain-training" -- and may be more useful as a reward or break for students.

What is better than Coolmath Games? ›

Top 6 coolmathgames.com Alternatives & Competitors
  • mathplayground.com. 28,914. 7,785. 2.36M. -11.23% ...
  • coolmath.com. 228,206. 55,073. 191.14K. +35.79% ...
  • hoodamath.com. 24,785. 5,850. 2.8M. +117.35% ...
  • crazygames.com. 950. 727. 63.03M. +15.06% ...
  • poki.com. 342. 197. Category Rank: Computer and Video Games. 141.64M. ...
  • mathnook.com. 670,745. 297,445. 47.4K.
Jun 11, 2024

How many games are on Coolmath? ›

We offer 2,000+ games for a general audience, and interactive lessons and tools for students -- smart entertainment and playful learning experiences our users love.

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