75 Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Him - STATIONERS (2024)

75 Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Him - STATIONERS (1)

Coming up with the perfect birthday greeting isn’t always easy. That’s especially true if you want to write a funny birthday message for your partner, a close friend, family member, or colleague. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. We’ve created a list of our favorite happy birthday funny for him messages that are sure to make him laugh out loud. No more wondering what to say. Let your wit and humor shine through as you wish your loved one a very happy birthday.

HBD and LOL: Happy Birthday Funny for Him Messages

75 Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Him - STATIONERS (2)

Ready to write a funny happy birthday message for him? Incorporate these wording ideas and jokes into your funny message or use them as inspiration to create your own personalized birthday greeting. Yes, there are 75 messages, so you’re sure to find one that suits the occasion.

  1. Happy birthday to my favorite dinosaur! Have a rawr-ing good year, pal!
  2. Is it really time for your birthday again? I swear it was only last year!
  3. Happy birthday, Dad. With love from your favorite child.
  4. It’s time to celebrate the oldest person I know. HBD, you old timer!
  5. It’s time for birthday cake, beer, and BBQ. Let’s party!
  6. You’re not old, you’re perfectly aged. Like a nice, stinky cheese.
  7. Let’s get this over with — happy birthday! There, now we can get back to the usual programming.
  8. Remember that I’m one of only a handful of people who knows your true age. My gift to you is that I’ll keep it a secret.Â
  9. There’s not enough space on the cake for all the candles! Happiest of birthdays, friend!
  10. They say some people get better with age. but I’m not sure that applies here.
  11. Your birthday is almost as good as Easter … no chocolate eggs but at least there’s cake!
  12. This year’s biggest birthday surprise? We can all count that high!
  13. He’s handsome, he’s smart … but enough about me, it’s time to celebrate you!
  14. Celebrating your greatness is really getting old. But I’m here for it. Happy bday, dude!
  15. It’s your birthday … I think? Remind me next year.
  16. Looking good, [Name]. Nobody will believe you’re [age]!
  17. Happy birthday to the only person who doesn’t smile at my jokes. I still love you, man.
  18. I can’t believe it’s your birthday again. How many trips around the sun can one person get?!
  19. It must have taken a lifetime to look this good. Happy birthday, [Name]!
  20. They don’t call it aÂdirty 30th birthday for no reason. I’ve booked us a day out at the muddy obstacle course!
  21. I wanted to share my favorite science joke, but all the good ones argon.
  22. Time to count up all those grey hairs. Don’t worry, I won’t tell. HBD!
  23. You’re so old you’re retro. Good thing it’s back in style. Happy birthday, pal!
  24. It looks like you inherited all the aging well genes in the family. Here’s to you!
  25. Don’t grow up … it’s a mistake!
  26. Getting older is mandatory. Growing up is optional.
  27. Happy birthday, old man!
  28. I was gonna get you a birthday gift, but I decided my presence was more than enough.
  29. You’re vintage. Know what that means? It’s wine time!!
  30. Happy birthday, buddy! It might be time to snap a new photo for your profile pictures.Â
  31. Forget birthdays past and birthdays future, today is all about the birthday present!
  32. Research shows that people with more birthdays live longer. Congratulations!
  33. Age is just a number. Stay true to who you are!
  34. I didn’t even need a Facebook reminder to remember your birthday this year. Go me!
  35. Happy second 18th birthday! You look marvelous!
  36. You’ll always be my sidekick, best friend. Can’t have anyone being funnier than me!
  37. You’re at the age where the age-old question will be, is it pronounced GIF or JIF?
  38. Happy birthday, [Name]. I got you a gift card to your local orthopedist.Â
  39. Forget birthdays, let’s call them level ups!
  40. This will be the best birthday card you receive … ever!
  41. Sorry I missed it again. It just creeps up on me every year. Happy belated birthday, my love!
  42. Some people send happy birthday wishes, I send awkward birthday face palms.
  43. You might not be the most special person in the world, but I still hope you have a special day
  44. Happy bday, [Name]! May your day be as exciting as all my best jokes.
  45. Remember when 30-year-olds seemed so old? That’s us now!
  46. Happy birthday to the only person on the planet who still collects [collectible].
  47. It’s your 21st birthday, [Name]. Time to grow up and become an adult. Just kidding!
  48. You’re only as old as you tell people you are.Â
  49. Won’t be long until we’re celebrating your 60th birthday, my friend!
  50. Hey, good looking! You’re officially 45 and fierce!
  51. Time to turn 21 all over again, right?
  52. Good luck for surviving another birthday party, [Name]! Remember, you’re older now so no more swinging from chandeliers!
  53. Some people sail through old age, but you appear to have hit an iceberg.
  54. Thinking of you at this difficult time. Happy 40th birthday, [Name].
  55. Time to gather round the cake and awkwardly sing to you!
  56. You could at least look a little bit excited about turning another year older.
  57. Happy birthday! Where’s the drink?!
  58. I’m happy to report that once again it is your birthday.
  59. I see you’ve gone for the bald look. Looks great on you!
  60. Time to advance to the next level, [Name]. Happy 50th birthday!
  61. I’d wish you all the best things in life, but I want them for myself.
  62. It must be tough always being compared to my devilishly good looks and sense of humor. Try to have the best birthday anyway!
  63. You’re only as old as you feel!
  64. Sorry about the birthday present … there isn’t one.
  65. Our Pokémon cards would really be worth something now, huh?
  66. We used to lie about being older, now we pretend we’re younger!
  67. Happy birthday! I hope the cake’s as good as last year … it’s the only reason I show up.
  68. It’s time to party, birthday boy! Which at this point in your life means lights out at 10 pm.
  69. Wine gets better with age, but I’m not sure wine has ever been your thing.
  70. Happy birthday to my favorite fella!
  71. Happy birthday, friend. I got you an appointment with a chiropractor. #30thbirthdaygoals
  72. Aren’t you glad social media wasn’t around in our days? You’d be a meme for sure!Â
  73. Let’s start blowing up those birthday balloons now. With our lungs, we’ll be ready by next year!
  74. I was going to share my favorite happy birthday meme, but I don’t think you’d “get” it.
  75. Don’t think of them as wrinkles, think of them as lines of experience.

Our Favorite Funny Birthday Cards for Him

When it’s time to unleash your best jokes on your favorite guy, choose one of Greenvelope’s greeting cards to share your message.

Our selection of digital cards are easy to customize so you can work your magic on the layout, fonts, colors, and message. Keep the ecard as it is or swap out the text for your own fun greeting. Here are a handful of happy birthday cards to get you started.

Things Are Bananas Birthday Card

Surprise your loved one with this fun banana-themed birthday card. With bright colors and whimsical illustrations, it’s the perfect backdrop for your greeting.

Getting Older Birthday Card

75 Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Him - STATIONERS (4)

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Celebrate someone’s ever-increasing age with this funny take on getting older. This modern birthday card sets the tone with plenty of space on the reverse to recount an amusing memory or share a message to make them laugh.

Minimal Sun Birthday Card

75 Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Him - STATIONERS (5)

Design: Signature Greenvelope

This minimal birthday card can be used for a sweet birthday message or a funny birthday card. Let him think he’s getting a heartfelt card, then surprise him with your funny greeting on the backside.

Birthday Defined Card

75 Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Him - STATIONERS (6)

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Set your own rules for what a birthday truly means with this classic birthday card. It’s available in plenty of different color options, plus you can customize the definition text too.

Biiirthday Card

75 Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Him - STATIONERS (7)

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Keep things simple with this bright and bold birthday card. There’s no reason for your loved one to think anything’s amiss … until they flip it over and get to experience another one of your funny birthday messages.

Make Him Laugh With These Funny Birthday Wishes

You don’t have to come up with all your best jokes yourself. Use these birthday wording ideas and funny birthday quotes to kickstart your most hilarious birthday card message yet.

When it’s time to find the perfect card, choose one of our funny birthday cards that you can personalize in minutes. It’s easy to customize the layout, fonts, colors, and wording so you can create a design that’s as unique as the person you’re sending it to.

75 Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Him - STATIONERS (2024)
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