How to Get and Prepare All Cooking Recipes in Palia (2024)

Looking for your next dosage of cozy gaming? Well look no further than Palia. With beautiful landscapes, adorable animals and enough mystery for the land you reside on to be fully immersed into its world. Just like any other life sim, players have the chance to grow and learn however they want; from relaxing with fishing to sitting cozy by the blaze of the fire as your recipes come to life at the Cooking Guild. Looking for a fantastical adventure and a need to satisfy that curious hunger you have on the mysteries of Palia, you will need to gain XP more than ever by improving on your life skills such as Hunting, Mining, Cooking, Catching and more. This is Vincent’s guide on how to get and cook your recipes in Palia.

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How to Get Recipes in Palia

Upon learning how to cook in Palia, you will need to get your hands on recipes before you can even start making meals in the game. Whilst you will be able to use your first Station of the Campfire to begin your culinary adventure, you will want to actually start making proper meals to fill your stomach so that you can get back to living your full simulation life. But to get more recipes, you need to reach Level 2 in Cooking Skill. Upon doing so, head over to Reth’s Cooking Guild (who you would have met in ‘Welcome to Palia’ Quest. From here, you can buy the following recipes and begin the journey to obtaining ingredients and cooking these:

  • Hearty Vegetable Soup – costs 100 Gold
  • Ramen – costs 250 Gold
  • Steak Dinner – costs 500 Gold
  • Meaty Stir Fry – costs 1,000 Gold
  • Veggie Fried Rice – costs 1,500 Gold
  • Chapaa Masala – costs 2,000 Gold
  • Blueberry Pie – costs 2,500 Gold
  • Celebration Cake – costs 3,000 Gold

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Recipes can not only be purchased via the Cooking Guild but you can also get these in the standard life sims way is to explore, fish and converse with the other Palia residents who can provide you with recipes as gifts.

All Recipes List

Gifted Recipes

Recipe NameUnlock
Grilled MushroomReth
Grilled MeatReth
Grilled FishReth
Grilled OysterReth
Apple PieDelaila (Friendship Level 3)
Fried Catfish DinnerHassain (Friendship Level 3)
Cream of Mushroom SoupJina (Friendship Level 4)

Fishing Recipes

Recipe NameUnlock
SushiGlow worm inside Ponds
SashimiBahari Bay (Rivers) without using bait
Fish StewBahary Bay (Coast) using worm as bait

Exploration Recipes

Recipe NameUnlock
Akwinduu ChapaaFind x3 recipe papers near the Statue Garden
Bacon-Stuffed MushroomsRead the entire book inside Family Farm Kitchen
Loaded Potato SoupRead the book in Hodari and Najuma’s Kitchen
Palian Onion SoupFind x2 recipe papers at Fishermna’s Lagoon Docks
Sernuk Noodle StewReach Friendship Level 3 with Ashura to enter his room via the window where the recipe can be found inside
Tomato SoupReach Friendship Level 3 with Reth to find this recipe inside his storeroom
Trout DinnerReach Friendship Level 3 with Einar to find the recipe in his room

How to Cook in Palia

Now to get to the good stuff of actually cooking what you have both gathered and learned about via the Cooking Guild. Cooking can begin almost instantaneously in Palia, from the first quest you complete in the game to be exact. You will gain access to the Campfire which can be used to make exclusive dishes. You will need to use the appropriate Station depending on the meal you are trying to make. Not only this but, you will want to start cooking in the order of – obtaining knowledge of the recipe, finding the right ingredients and using the correct Station to cook.

Each Station requires a different amount of Materials to make so that you can get started with cooking. Thankfully, these (aside from the Campfire) can be placed inside your home and wherever you feel looks best to upgrade your culinary and furniture making skills whilst increasing your range to make all kinds of dishes in Palia.

  • Campfire – x5 Sapwood, x16 Stone, x2 Flint, and x10 Plant Fiber.
  • Prep Station – x16 Sapwood Plank, x2 Copper Bar, and x8 Ceramic.
  • Mixing Station – x20 Sapwood Plank, x2 Copper Bar, and x3 Fabric.
  • Standard Stove – x12 Stone Brick, x5 Ceramic, and x2 Copper Bar.
  • Standard Oven – x15 Stone Brick, x20 Ceramic, and x6 Copper Bar.

That was our guide on how to get all recipes in Palia, we hope this read was helpful for you. For more on the latest video game releases, be sure to see all GJ guides here. Thank you for reading this guide.

How to Get and Prepare All Cooking Recipes in Palia (2024)
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