Long Island Jobs Craigslist (2024)

1. long island jobs - craigslist

  • Long island "nassau" jobs

  • long island jobs - craigslist

2. long island jobs - Craigslist

  • General labor · Transport · Salon/spa/fitness · Sales

  • long island jobs - craigslist

3. Suffolk Jobs (Long Island) | Facebook

4. Craigslist Jobs in Long Island - CollegeGrad

  • Jobs and tools for college students and grads. Simple tips and resources for job search, career info, resumes, interviewing, and more.

  • View Long Island Jobs along with direct links to apply online. Easy access for reviewing job postings and directly connecting with employers that are hiring in your area.

5. LONG ISLAND Jobs / Day Labor for CASH - Facebook

6. Hiring a Hit Man on Craigslist - NPR

  • Jan 28, 2008 · Hiring a Hit Man on Craigslist ... Now, this tunnel between Oyster Bay and Rye, New York, would let travelers going between Long Island and New ...

  • News worth an honorable mention, including the online search for someone to do the dirtiest of work.

Hiring a Hit Man on Craigslist - NPR

7. Hyundai Dealer Sells Rolls Royce Wraith That Was On Craigslist

  • Jun 7, 2021 · AdvertisingPrivacyJobsTerms of Use. Explore our ... Found on a random-ass Craigslist listing, a Hyundai dealer in Long Island had a 2014 Rolls- ...

  • I used to be in the car selling business, so I get when some dealers have unexpected vehicles on their lot. Some of them make sense. I remember at my Chevy dealer, we got in a Volvo S60 R on trade for the then-new Camaro. Others, though, are head scratchers. This is one of those times.

Hyundai Dealer Sells Rolls Royce Wraith That Was On Craigslist

8. New York Security Jobs Craigslist | Unions for Security Guards

  • Dec 6, 2015 · NYC Security Guard Jobs, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island ... A security guard, security officer, or protective agent is a ...

  • Posts about New York Security Jobs Craigslist written by Unions For Security Guards - Security Guard Unions

New York Security Jobs Craigslist | Unions for Security Guards
Long Island Jobs Craigslist (2024)


How do I reply to a Craigslist job ad? ›

How to reply to craigslist postings
  1. Click "Reply."
  2. A window with response options will appear. ...
  3. Make sure the response address is highlighted and copy it to your clipboard. ...
  4. Now open your email program and start a new message.
  5. Paste the response address into the "To" field.

How to ask for a job in message example? ›

Hello [Name], I hope things have been awesome! I'm jotting you a quick note to let you know that I'm currently searching for a new career opportunity in [desired industry]. With my background in [area], I'm ideally looking for a [type of position] role with an employer who [describe ideal employer].

Can I just reply to a Craigslist email? ›

To reply to a Craigslist post, just click the reply button. To use your device's default email app, select the first link. Otherwise, select the web-based email you use (like Gmail or Yahoo) or copy and paste the email address at the bottom of the window into a new email manually.

How do I reply to a Craigslist ad with no contact information? ›

When you reply directly from Craigslist, your email address will be visible to the recipient. To reply anonymously, you need to create a free Web-based email address, which does not contain identifiable information.

How to respond to a job ad? ›

Dear Hiring Manager: I am writing in response to your job posting on [location of advertisem*nt] for a [job title]. After reading your job description, I am confident that my skills and my passion for _____________ are a perfect match for this position. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this position with you.

How do I respond to a Craigslist rental ad? ›

You can reply to any post on Craigslist — just click the "reply" button at the top left of a post, and complete the Captcha puzzle if you're asked to. Some Craigslist listings will offer a phone contact to call or text, though most listings will only offer an email contact.

How to identify a Craigslist scammer? ›

Be familiar with Craigslist

Scammers often create lookalike sites to lure buyers into paying for items that don't exist. Always confirm the URL before finalizing a purchase. Craigslist does not back any transaction on its site. If you're offered purchase protection at a price, you're looking at a scam.

How do you see messages on Craigslist? ›

Craigslist has a messaging system that allows buyers to contact sellers directly through the platform without revealing personal email addresses. If you've created your posting through a Craigslist account, log in to your account and check the "Messages" or "Inbox" section to see if there are any responses there.

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