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THANK YOU for finding us and interest in our rescued dog. Because we are an international rescue through Taiwan. The dogs are likely still in Taiwan and you will have to meet your dog(s) and pick your dog(s) up from the airport.International airport for picking up dogs:【SFO、SEA、LAX/ONT、JFK、IAH、ORD、YVR、YYZ、AMS】------------------------------------Olly, his mother Kerry and his sibling Jamie were rescued in the central part of Taiwan. Until now, the rescuer still feels heartbroken looking at the photos of skinny mommy dog, Kerry, at that time. At the end of August last year, the rescuer received a call from an old lady who lived nearby. The old lady used to feed stray cats near her home. One day in her feeding area, she accidentally found 4 small puppies in captivity on the other side of the fence, but each looked very thin. She air-dropped some cat food, and the puppies ate it up in no time. The old lady probed inside again to find out if anyone was raising these puppies, and she found the mother dog “Kerry."Poor mother dog was chained and stayed quietly aside. She was so thin that her ribs could be seen. The old lady was shocked by the scene in front of her and hurriedly called the rescuer. Then, the rescuer rushed to the scene to check the dogs’ real situation. The woman who seemed to be the owner was explaining that the dogs were raised by her son. Her son originally only raised mother dog, but she gave birth to four children. The woman can only feed the dogs food waste every day. If there is no food waste, the dogs must be hungry that day. I then asked, does your son care about these dogs? The woman replied that her son had gone to work in another county, and her family was unable to take care of the dogs. She even mentioned that she wanted to get rid of these five dogs for a long time. The more she looked at them every day, the more annoying she became. The rescuer told her that she would ask the local government’s animal shelter to help, and please do not abandon these dogs at will.Unfortunately, the five dogs were driven away by the woman’s relative before they could be visited by the shelter inspector. The rescuer couldn’t accept such a cruel thing and asked where the dogs were abandoned. She learned that it was a mass grave about ten kilometers away from her home and she immediately drove to the abandoned site. It was already dusk and it started to rain at that time. Along the way, the rescuer kept praying for God’s blessing to retrieve the five poor dogs smoothly. Luckily, after arriving at the abandoned site and searching for half an hour, the mother dog suddenly appeared and ran to the rescuer with her four children. The most exaggerated thing was that there was still a long iron chain tied around the mother dog’s neck. Seeing this, the rescuer couldn’t believe that these poor dogs’ owner dared to do such a conscience-stricken thing. Then, she carried five drenched dogs one by one into the car in turn.After recovering the five dogs, the rescuer asked the private animal shelter and the animal hospital to help her settle down them for a month. During this period, the dogs had finished health-checks, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgeries. Mama dog Kerry and Olly’s spay/neuter surgeries are performed by the TNR program (Trap, Neuter/Spay &Release), so Kerry got a right ear clipped as a marking and Olly got a left ear clipped as a marking. Of course, the rescuer also hoped that all five dogs could be adopted by kind people within this short month. But there is always a big gap between reality and ideal. The remaining dogs that were not adopted could only be returned to the public shelter. Soon, the one-month deadline came. Luckily, Olly’s two siblings were successfully adopted during the placement period but Olly, his mom and sister Jamie faced the tragedy of going to the public shelter. The result is that the rescuer couldn’t be cruel enough to send them to the public shelter to suffer. Even though it was not an easy task. She decided to take the responsibility and let Olly, his mommy and sister go to foster home to prepare for adoption again.After being taken care of by the foster home, Olly has returned to a normal weight. He is a super cute puppy. He likes to be close to adults and also likes to be close to children. His favorite things are going for walks and playing with toys. Once when Olly was out, a friend of his foster mom gave him a toy. Then, this adorable boy happily walked home chewing on the toy. He can get along peacefully with his dog companion at home and play happily together. Olly has no food guarding behavior towards humans and dogs. Olly has been trained to stay and be calm in the cage, so he can eat or sleep obediently in it. He also does well when he’s out for a walk. Even people who have little experience in dog leash walking can easily take Olly out for a walk. Olly is used to going potty outside. A home with a yard would suit him better. Olly is also an energetic puppy. He is very enthusiastic, so sometimes he jumps up towards people happily. It is recommended that the child in the adoptive family should be over 5 years old. Olly is also very friendly when he meets a dog for the first time. He would sniff the dog he just met. If the new friend wants to play with him, he will get closer. If not, he will leave. Olly’s foster family originally had a cat, and he can get along well with the cat. Sometimes when the cat scratches him, he will not get angry and just run away immediately. Olly had ever bitten off the things on the table and destroyed them with his dog companion, but bad behavior like this rarely happened.Olly is waiting for a forever home. Dear friends, would you give this little boy a chance? Let him become a member of your family. If you’re interested in Olly, please fill out an adoption application. Olly will wait patiently for a family that will always love him.

Puppies and Dogs in Seattle, WA - Adoptapet.com (2024)
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